CleanTrac provides innovative software technology to significantly improve the behavioral health case management experience.

PATIENTS gain a virtual recovery assistant

•A mobile treatment plan connecting behavioral, physical, pharmaceutical and social needs

•Reminders for medication, drug testing, and appointments

•A virtual recovery community for support

•Push messaging for crisis intervention

•Resources including an online journal, a support meeting finder, directory of services, and online course delivery

PROVIDERS gain real-time intel for intervention

•Demonstrable efficacy and improved quality of care

•Real-time analytics for proactive care interventions

•Dramatically improved coordination of treatment

•GPS tracking to verify compliance

•A longitudinal record of patient behavioral health

•HIPAA compliant messaging

PAYERS gain analytics data and cost reductions

•Validation of treatment and provider efficacy

•Improved patient accountability

•Significant reduction of behavioral health or health care treatment costs
Previously unavailable data for in depth analytics

Potential to exceed state defined quality measures and access pool of funds

We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to enable patients and their providers to easily direct, communicate, and coordinate the management of behavioral health conditions. Specializing in purpose-built social networks, translating evidence based treatment protocols into meaningful patient tasks, and weighted results metrics to measure intervention outcomes, CleanTrac positively reinforces, monitors, and validates a patient’s recovery actions.



Mental health professional creates a treatment protocol

Outcomes tracked using patient's mobile technology

Algorithms determine the most effective methodologies

Effective outcomes

shared across all

key stakeholders

"Using our platform, it's possible to create a wide variety of focused clinical and social networks while monitoring participants for care plan compliance."

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