THE NEED:  A National Crisis

Prescription Drugs
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Behavioral health costs and diagnoses are  skyrocketing

MENTAL DISORDERS are the costliest medical condition in the US with an estimated $201B spent in 2013.  (Journal Health Affairs)  Estimates of lost earnings per year approximate $193B.  (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

OVER 21.5 MILLION Americans over the age of 12 battled substance use disorder (SUD) in 2014.  (National Survey on Drug Use and Health)

LACK OF AVAILABLE TREATMENT BEDS has resulted in incarceration or homelessness rather than treatment for those with mental health issues.

OVERCROWDED PRISONS face the brunt of the mental health crisis.  Half of incarcerated US adults have a mental health condition while half suffer from SUD.

PRISON has proven to be ineffective in recovery for both mental illness and SUD, yet that is the primary outcome today - even for non-violent offenders.

The status quo in treatment has not worked.  
An innovative new solution is needed:  

24-7 mobile monitoring technology to allow for daily monitoring and proactive intervention.